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The much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S9 has a variety of cool new features from AR Emoji to 960 fps Suuuuuper Slooooooow-mo. The new camera has variable aperture allowing you to take pictures in both bright and low lighting, much like the way your eyes would adjust to light. With all this tech, you want to make sure that you’re covered for any accidents. Why not take a peak at our phone insurance? As the UK’s top phone insurance provider, we’ve got you covered.

  • Infinity Unlimited Repairs
  • Spanner 24 Hour Replacements^^
  • Collection / Return Free Collect / Return on All Gadgets
  • Pound 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Blue tickCracked Screens
  • Blue tickLiquid Damage
  • Blue tickAccidental Damage
  • Blue tickBreakdown
  • Blue tickTheft, Loss & Unauthorised Calls**
  • Blue tickInternational Trips
  • Blue tickImmediate Family

I saved over £20 per month compared with D&G for the exact same level of cover.


Getting an online quote was easy, the price was almost half what we paid with my previous supplier.


Can't recommend enough for ease of use, low prices and helpful service


I saved over £55 per month on my 7 appliances and 1 gadget!


Why choose

It's such a small price to pay for your total peace of mind: we'll cover you against accidental, liquid, electrical or mechanical damage – even a cracked screen – and breakdown all from less than a fiver a month! You can also choose to add cover against loss, theft and unauthorised calls from just another £1 a month. Insure 4 or more gadgets with us and get a 20% discount, too.

  • White tickLow Cost
  • White tickFlexible Payments
  • White tickMake Multiple Claims^
  • White tickLow Excesses
  • White tick14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • White tickUp To 20% Discount*
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Samsung Galaxy S9 Protection – Tips & Tricks

Top tips for keeping your work and social life connection safe:


  • Make sure you keep your phone in your inside pockets of your jacket if you have them. Don't put it in your back pocket.
  • Try to use a screen cover/protector
  • Ensure the software is up to date to protect against any horrible viruses.
  • Keep your Galaxy S9 in a secure area when you're not using it, please!


  • Text whilst walking, you will probably walk into a lampost/ladder/person/ferret
  • Leave your S9 unattended
  • Lob it at your sofa which is up against a brick wall, you know you're going to miss...
  • Take your phone into a steam room, it's never a good call.
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