Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

FAQ Point What is considered an emergency?

A sudden and unforeseen situation which, if not dealt with quickly, would in our humble opinion make the insured property unsafe/insecure and/or cause damage or further damaged to the insured property.

FAQ Point Am I covered if my house is burgled?

Under the policy we would immediately make your home super safe and secure again until a permanent solution could be found by you or your property and/or contents insurance.

FAQ Point What will happen if my home becomes uninhabitable?

We will provide you with overnight accommodation where it has not been possible to resolve your emergency.

FAQ Point Isn’t all this covered under my home and contents insurance?

Probably not! Home and contents insurance often does not cover actual emergencies. provides cover to compliment your existing home insurance policy, aiding in emergency situations.

FAQ Point Do you cover house shares, flats or lodgers?

Our superb policy covers various types of properties including flats etc. Please check our full policy terms and conditions here for domestic properties or here for landlords to get the full story.

FAQ Point Do you cover holiday homes or properties abroad?

We cover properties on mainland Great Britain and Northern Ireland. If you do not live at the property you will need to take out our Landlord Home Emergency policy here. Properties must not be empty for more than 30 consecutive days or else claims arising after this period will not be validated.

FAQ Point When does my policy begin and how long am I covered for?

You are covered from the date shown on your policy schedule. The policy will run for a minimum of 12 calendar months.

FAQ Point Do you cover Oil and Electric boilers?

No, this policy provides cover for Gas Boilers Only.

FAQ Point Is there an age limit for boilers?

We cover boilers up to 15 years old.

FAQ Point Is an annual service included with my cover?

No, a boiler service is not included as standard (unless stated otherwise in your policy documents). Don't worry though, we're happy to help! You can contact us if you need a service as we can arrange one for you at a low cost. We advise your boiler is serviced annually as we do not cover claims where the fault is due to lack of maintenance or neglect. BE AWARE, lots of other companies tell you to contact them to service your boiler hoping you’ll forget, we call you to make sure it’s all done and dusted. We can help landlords with their CP12 too.

What is Covered for Plumbing Emergencies?

FAQ Point Is my loo covered?

If the only loo/toilet in the house is inoperable then yes, this is covered under the policy.

FAQ Point Are my taps and shower covered?

We will provide emergency assistance if your taps or shower are causing flooding or damage to your property. We do not cover dripping taps or other non-emergency situations.

FAQ Point Is my stopcock covered?

Absolutely, if it is within the property boundaries.

What is Covered Outside?

FAQ Point How is my roof covered?

Our Home Emergency Insurance is not a maintenance product so would not cover situations such as tiles falling off the roof. However, if you experience damage to the roof of the insured property caused by adverse weather conditions or fallen trees, this would be covered under the Complete Cover policy. It is advised to check your policy documents to check which level of cover you purchased. This is a ‘make safe’ policy and for example in this situation a tarpaulin may be used to prevent further damage.

What is Covered Regarding Pests?

FAQ Point What type of Pests are covered?

Our policy protects you against rats, mice, hornets, wasps, nests and cockroaches from the insured property.


FAQ Point How do I make a claim?

Telephone 01384 884080, and quote your policy number, full name and address including postcode. Our terms and conditions can provide you more information about how to make a claim. If you get stuck at any point please do phone our friendly team as soon as possible on 0203 411 9409.

FAQ Point Is there an excess to pay when claiming?

This depends on what you select when you set up the policy. We offer a £95, £60 or no excess option.

FAQ Point Are call-out charges, labour and parts included?

Definitely! We are amazing. We offer a policy that has a claims limit of up to £5,000 per year and up to £2,500 per claim and you can unlimited times a year covering call outs, hourly rates and any replacement parts!!!!!! This price includes VAT.

FAQ Point What engineers will be sent to fix my broken boiler?

We will only ever send out fully qualified and Gas Safe registered engineers. We want only the best for you.

FAQ Point What happens if you cannot fix my boiler?

If we deem your boiler unrepairable and it is under 6 years old, we will replace your boiler with a like for like or a superior model (if we cannot find one similar ) so your home will have heating and hot water once again without compromising the quality of your heating system. If your boiler is over 6 years of age and we deem it beyond economical repair, then we will give you a cash settlement of £250.

If you have a landlord policy and we deem it beyond economical repair, we cannot replace it for you however we will give you a cash settlement of £250.

Please note the boiler replacement benefits do not apply within the 1st 30 days of your policy start date.

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