What is a Condenser Tumble Dryer?

Many a homeowner has had sleepless nights (well, a few late night worries, anyway) about buying their first tumble dryer.

It doesn’t take long to get sick of your home being filled with the smell of damp laundry through the winter months as everything takes an age to dry. That, or you’re spending a fortune cranking up the heating to dry it.

A tumble dryer would be the obvious solution. But there’s a problem - where do you put it? All that moisture that tumble dryers remove from wet laundry has to go somewhere, the most common solution being a long vent that carries steam from the appliance outside. And therein lies the issue - for that to work, you have to be able to position the dryer next to an external wall. Otherwise you just end up with your house filling with steam.

Depending on the layout of your kitchen or utility room, getting a tumble dryer within striking distance of a suitable wall or window could prove anything from highly inconvenient to all but impossible.

Not all tumble dryers, however, rely on a vent to get rid of the moisture they generate from drying. There is an alternative which might suit you if you are facing that dilemma over where to put the thing - a condenser tumble dryer.

Clever convenience

If you haven’t heard of a condenser tumble dryer, you wouldn’t be alone - they are not as common as the conventional vented types. So what do they do that’s different?

Condenser tumble dryers have a clever trick up their sleeve which means they don’t need an external vent. When the drum heats up and the moisture in wet laundry turns to steam, a condenser tumble dryer will channel it all to a separate area where it is cooled and turned back into water again, collecting in what is called the reservoir.

This is great news if you would love a tumble dryer but are having issues with where you could locate the vent. Condenser tumble dryers tend to be a little more expensive than vented types, but the convenience of being able to place it wherever you like is more than enough to convince many people to pay a little extra.

One thing that does have to be considered with condenser dryers, however, is what happens to the water that is collected. Some models, which are that bit more expensive again, include a pump connected to an outhouse that will automatically remove the water to your drainage system, as happens with your washing machine. But this in many ways counters the convenience of being able to place the appliance where you want it, as it then has to be within reach of the piping under your sink.

The other, more common option, is to simply empty the reservoir by hand whenever it is full. Just make sure you keep on top of it - otherwise you might end up with some mopping up to do!

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