Vermin infestation is any home owner’s worst nightmare. One can’t find any rest knowing that some pests are lurking about the house right under your nose. The ladies of the house would scream while the kids would cry, and your own disgust would bother you to no ends. You would ask yourself “What went wrong?’ Was the house not clean enough?  And the worst of all is the expenses which have to be paid for getting rid of them. It’s normal to have some sort of pest come up at some point in time, but with a few tips and your house can be pest free in no time, and that too forever. Your home emergency insurance might cover the expenses so fret not! If you don't have insurance, or even if you do, there are solutions to this problem which you can explore if you find yourself in this awful situation.

If you are living on rent then you don’t have to worry at all because this is something which your landlord has to cover (unless you signed a contract which says otherwise), or the local pest clearing authorities.

First let’s determine what are pests and vermin

  • These include rodents (rats and mice), cockroaches, mites, fleas, bedbugs and ants.
  • Who should bear the responsibility for clearing them out?
  • As mentioned previously, it depends on your tenancy agreement
  • If the problem occurred before you moved in
  • If the problem was caused by disrepair
  • If something you have or have not done which has caused this problem


It’s not always easy to determine the cause, but the local environmental health officer or pest control authority can figure it out.

Kinds of pests and what they are attracted to:

  • Cockroaches—they love warm temperatures therefore the kitchen is the go to place for them. You will most likely find them hiding in the cabinets, cracks and crevices under the cooker
  • Ants—they have a sweet tooth so you will find them near sugary and sticky food items such honey, candy and even sugar jars. Ants make colonies pretty quickly so it’s best to nip them in the bud.
  • Mice—again, warm temperature is what they love. You will most likely find them in storage rooms or attics where they sneak easily and hide under various things. You can even see them lurking about where there is food.
  • Rats need some sort of a water source and food so you will also see them near the kitchen and even in the garden area if you have fruits or vegetables.

Tips to prevent infestation

  • Keep your rubbish bins covered at all times, and make sure they are always emptied on a regular basis. Bins attract these pests like bees to honey.
  • Always clean up any crumbs or spills in the kitchen counter or on the floor.
  • Keep food in sealed containers in the fridge and never outside.
  • Keep all your windows closed and install a net, this way you will still get fresh air without letting any pest or vermin inside.
  • Always inspect the area for any holes, ant trails, cracks, and crevices and seal the area if you see any.

*The information in this blog is designed to provide helpful information on the subjects discussed. Please seek a professional for expert advice as we can not be held responsible for any damages or negative consequences upon following this information.

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