6 Eye-Popping Android Nougat Features

Google has released the new version of its proprietary mobile operating system known as Android 7.0 or Android Nougat. The OS is currently available to Google’s Nexus devices, while mobile phones from the rest of the manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, LG, etc. will contain the new OS soon. Nougat has many new features and functionalities which are not only something new, but advanced and eye-popping as well. Let’s take a look at 6 of them.

1.    Enhanced User Interface

The user interface or the UI has been tweaked in Android Nougat and it looks much better and more appealing than before. The swipe down top menu has been upgraded and now you can quickly toggle important functions like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Notifications don’t take up much space; they use smaller fonts and will cover the width of the screen.

Furthermore, you can choose the option to have notifications arrive in stacks; in this way, the notification menu won’t fill up easily with, for example, Facebook messenger messages.

2.    Run Two Apps at a Time

Multitasking has been present in the previous versions of Android, but in Nougat, the functionality has been improved. You will be able to switch between your most recently used apps by double-tapping the recent or overview button and a clear all button has also been included.

But the best feature is the ability to run two apps simultaneously; tap the overview button in an app and you will have the option to open another app at the same time. This will be extremely useful for people who are multitaskers. There is the added functionality to share data between two apps but dragging certain items.

3.    Better Battery Life

When the Android 6.0 Marshmallow came out, it added a new feature called ‘Doze’. This improved the battery life of Android devices by reducing the CPU’s background activity as well as the network activity, when the device was idle for a certain period of time. In Nougat, this feature has been enhanced further and now power consumption will be deferred even when the phone is in your bag or pocket.

4.    Run Apps without Downloading them

Yes it’s finally here; in Nougat, you will be able to test out an app by directly running it from Google Play Store without buying or downloading it. This will be handy when you want to decide whether or not it is worth paying for a particular app.

5.    New Emojis

Nougat introduces more than 1500 emojis with unique characters with the ability to change their skin tone by holding the icon on the on-screen keyboard.

6.    Apps Can be Used During Updating

Before Nougat, Android apps couldn’t be used while they were being updated. With the arrival of Nougat, this has changed and now you can use the app while it is being updated in the background. This is known as seamless updates and it will be achieved by creating a simultaneous image in the system.

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